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Communications in rural Northwest Kansas before 1952 was a challenge, to say the least. The large “Bell” telephone companies choose not to provide phone services to the area’s residents. So, a group of forward-thinking farmers interested in better connections with their neighbors took on that challenge, forming the S&T Telephone Cooperative Association.

Over time, technology demands evolved, and internet & cable tv video services were added. Building a state-of-the-art video delivery system brought family entertainment into our customers’ homes and living rooms. The early internet networks that connected businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, and eager residents were eventually upgraded to modern high-speed fiber and cable technology. 

Recently S&T provided the underserved Weskan school system with ultra-fast internet helping to close the costly digital divide. This led to the development of a new fiber network in the community of Sharon Springs. Once again, reducing the connection gap by providing world-class internet speeds on a reliable local network.

Wireless broadband is a great option to serve residents too far from S&T’s robust wireline service. Ultimately, partnerships with advanced wireless equipment vendors have given S&T the confidence to expand wireless services further, including the recent purchase of Wheatland Broadband. Upgrading and integrating these wireless networks into S&T’s established fiber network will significantly improve the reliability and speeds for current and future wireless customers.

S&T’s roots, like Wheatland’s, are planted in a hard-working, locally-focused cooperative model, and both share a similar mission to serve Western Kansas communities. S&T will continue to invest in fiber buildouts and fixed wireless radio upgrades. As the needs of speed-hungry remote workers, students, video streamers, and gamers continue to grow, S&T will remain committed to keeping rural Kansas connected. 

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We believe a connected world is a better place.

Technology should make connections meaningful & effortless.