Home learning shouldn’t be a setback. But with higher demand for virtual classes, connectivity is one of the biggest challenges of all. With S&T’s Bridge2Broadband Initiative, we clear the path for students most in need—and help them jump the connectivity gap.

B2B is a partnership between S&T and local school districts. Its goal is to keep students online and active, providing high-speed broadband services to those who need it most. Together, we identify those students in need of broadband connections so they can stay online and learning. All at a discounted rate.


Sponsored Service

School districts pay S&T directly for home Internet services for individual students. Families will not receive a bill from S&T. School districts across the country have already begun partnering with broadband providers to purchase home Internet services for unconnected families in their districts.


S&T will work with school districts to quickly and confidentially identify which students need service, and will not use school-supplied information for targeted marketing of collateral services to families covered by the program.


S&T will develop baseline eligibility standards in partnership with school districts to evaluate which students qualify for coverage. At a minimum, they include households with students on the federal Free and Reduced Lunch program.


S&T requires only the street, city, state, and zip code of the student requiring the service.


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