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S&T Wifi is built to make your home smarter

S&T Wifi is built to make your home smarter

What is smart home technology? Imagine a world where your lights turn on when you get home, your AC turns off when nobody's home, and the family room perfectly dims for movie night. This isn’t just science fiction, this is the Internet of Things (IoT).

Select a home wifi plan

  • Essential

    Enjoy fast upload and download speeds to easily watch and share your favorite content

    Designed for a single user or small families, the Essential plan will ensure you have the speeds necessary to stay connected to all your favorite things.

  • Preferred

    Power all the devices in your whole home. Stream 4k content throughout multiple rooms

    The best plan for entertainment and productivity. Whether you are working from home or streaming on multiple devices, the Preferred plan will ensure you don’t miss a second.

  • Ultimate

    Flawlessly stream all your favorite content throughout your household, and game like a pro

    For those with large families, many smart home devices, or serious gamers, the Ultimate plan has incredibly fast speeds designed for a flawless internet experience.