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WiFi Built for the Speed of Life

Whole Home Coverage

With optimized WiFi 6, connect over 250+ devices while still enjoying uninterrupted surfing, streaming, and homework.

Smart Wifi Controls

Enable guest WiFi network, Set Parental Controls, and Secure protection from malware and viruses - all from the S&T SmartWiFi App.

Gigabit Speeds

Unlock the power of light with S&T's fiber optic network. This is modern internet driven by the fastest, most reliable technology.

Enhanced Protection

S&T Premiere plans provide next-gen protection throughout your home network, delivering notifications directly to you on the SmartWiFi App.

Welcome to Your Connected Life

Finally, a home internet solution purposely designed to deliver a better life. S&T’s fiber-optic technology ensures your household has the speeds and reliability for 4k movie nights, uninterrupted Zoom™ meetings, and all the internet devices in your life.

From the world’s most powerful WiFi to network security and parental controls, this is as advanced as WiFi gets. Experience fast, reliable service anywhere in your home and control it all. Fully serviced. Fully supported. Take back control of your home wifi with S&T Home Premiere.

Premiere WiFi Deserves a Premiere App. Learn how the S&T SmartWiFi app helps you manage and protect your home’s wifi network. 

Discover the SmartWiFi App


Introductory Rate.
Not Available in All Areas
First 6 Months

4k Streaming

Cloud Security

Video Conference

Online Gaming

Remote Education

Smart Home

Next Generation

Demand more from your home WiFi.  The S&T SmartWiFi app, included with Home Premiere, provides you with the most powerful network security and parental controls. This is as advanced as WiFi gets.


A WiFi Plan for Your Life

Essential Home

50 Mbps
$ 25
First 6 Months
  • No Contract
  • Free Basic Installation

Home Premiere

200 Mbps
$ 45
First 6 Months
  • No Contract
  • Free Basic Installation
  • Household Wifi Speeds
  • S&T SmartWiFi App
  • Enhanced Protection

Home Premiere +

1000 Mbps
$ 100
First 6 Months
  • No Contract
  • Free Basic Installation
  • Maximum Wifi Speeds
  • S&T SmartWiFi App
  • Enhanced Protection

Bring Home Faster Internet

S&T planted its roots in Western Kansas in 1952. We don’t just serve our communities; we call them home.


Most frequent questions and answers

Great question!  We created Essential Home for those who don’t have access to high-speed fiber internet, or those who don’t want to overpay for what they need. Essential Home is reliable home broadband transmitted from a wireline, or a local tower to a fixed antenna at your location.

Premiere Home is our best option for households needing wifi to power their multiple devices.  These higher speeds prevent buffering during your peak usage hours. We also provide a free S&T SmartWifi app to easily manage your wifi system and its users. Premiere Home is a great option for multiple users & smart devices, working from home, and online gaming.

Don’t live in town, we’ve got you covered! We bring reliable internet to many rural households using the latest technology. Call 1-800-432-8294 to check your availability.

Nope. Our dedicated network is ready to deliver broadband speeds 24/7, whenever you need it.

We’ve got you covered.  Our router lease program includes a Wifi 6 router (the newest technology). Our leased routers also allow our service team to better troubleshoot any problems you may have. Fast, reliable, with better service… Win. Win. Win.

Have your own router?… Thats fine too! S&T Home is broadband your way.

We recommend households with multiple users and/or multiple internet devices running at the same time subscribe to Home Premium. This will ensure an uninterrupted experience during peak use times.

To learn more about how the internet works, click here.

We are constantly making great improvements to our network, and faster speeds may now be available in your area.  Call 1-800-432-8294 to learn more about whats new in your area.

Paper bills can always be deposited in our secure drop boxes at every S&T location.  You can also pay your online at: https://myaccount.sttelcom.com

Please use our Wifi for Good, not Evil–that includes pirating movies, reselling the service to others, and sharing pictures of pets in costumes.  For more legal details, please check out our terms and conditions.

Can I Get Service?

S&T Currently Serves 30 Western Kansas Communities

Call us today to see if your home is eligible for service!