Little-Known Features That Come With Your Netflix Subscription

From its start as a DVD rental delivery service to its modern-day standing as a movie and TV series production powerhouse, Netflix is one of the world’s most iconic entertainment brands. 

Its ever-changing library of streaming titles provides countless hours of binge time and award-winning exclusive content. And with high-speed internet from S&T, you can enjoy it all without buffering, freezing, or crashing!

But Netflix subscribers have access to other perks and benefits beyond its vast selection of films and shows. Read below to learn some of the other benefits of a Netflix subscription that you can take advantage of today!

  Workout and Exercise Routines

Though Netflix is usually associated with lounging around on the couch, there is another benefit to a Netflix subscription that doesn’t get nearly enough attention—its partnership with Nike and its training and workout routines. Before settling down for the day, you can enjoy a guided workout through the Netflix app!

To provide this benefit, Netflix partnered with Nike, one of the world’s leading athletics and fitness brands. The Nike Training Club provides a wide array of exercise and workout routines for people of all ages, body types, and fitness and strength levels. 

Whether learning the basicsdeveloping your core, or looking to lose weight, the Nike Training Club videos on Netflix can get you off the couch and keep you moving. The trainers are knowledgeable and engaging, helping to encourage you and motivate you to push yourself further. We especially like that you can sort the routines by how much time you have to exercise, whether just a quick 10 minutes or a more complete 30-minute workout. 

Best of all, you don’t have to go to a gym or even leave the comfort of your living room to start improving your fitness—with your Netflix subscription, you can get a solid workout routine at home. 

But suppose you prefer the amenities of your local gym. In that case, you can also access the Nike Training Club workout routines and videos on the mobile Netflix app. The extra flexibility of your Netflix app lets you enjoy your routines outdoors, like in a park, at the beach, or even (when you’re ready) at the gym! Before you begin, remember to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Yoga and Stretching

In addition to getting in shape through Netflix’s partnership with Nike for workout routines, a Netflix subscription includes another excellent perk that’s sure to improve your health and well-being—guided yoga routines. Like the workouts, Netflix’s yoga features are provided by Nike Training Club, where experienced yoga instructors carefully guide you through the stretches and poses of this ancient practice. 

Netflix currently has multiple Nike Training Club series dedicated to yoga. Two are more general yoga pose practices and exercises with different teachers and styles. Additionally, in 2022, a special Vinyasa-inspired yoga series was launched, with six episodes devoted to that unique tradition of yoga.

  Gaming on Your Mobile Devices

After you’ve exercised and enjoyed a relaxing stretch routine, it’s time to check out another excellent feature many Netflix subscribers don’t even realize they have: Gaming! In addition to having one of the most extensive streaming content libraries anywhere, Netflix also lets you game on its mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. 

And Netflix’s game library is surprisingly extensive as well. It currently includes more than 55 games in many different genres. For example, you can enjoy relaxing simulation games like Country Friends, where you can create and maintain a farm. Or play Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt, and build an awe-inspiring village around a castle. Or dive into one of many adventure games, including one based on Stranger Things! You can even play a dating simulation game if you’d like! 

All you need is your Netflix subscription, an iPhone or Android-based phone, an internet connection, and enough space on your phone to download and install the games, and voila—you can play to your heart’s content. 

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