Secure & Reliable

Keeping you in touch with family and friends with very affordable local and long distance rates! S&T Voice service is a reliable, secure way to communicate anytime of the day or night. 

S&T has the latest technology with buried facilities. The competition still has aerial facilities which can be affected by weather. Combined with our low $.059 per minutes Long Distance rates, Free Voicemail to eMail, and many other great calling features, we are the leading voice provider for Northwest Kansas.

Reasons to keep a landline

  • Reliability. Count on constant connections, since power outages won’t affect a landline.
  • Safety. 911 operators automatically see your exact location when someone calls, regardless of whether the caller can speak or not.
  • Dependable Quality. When was the last time your landline dropped a call or had bad reception? These are just a few reasons to keep a landline.
  • Privacy. Some cellular phones use radio frequencies that can be easily intercepted. Simple devices (e.g. scanners or other cell phones) can intercept the radio waves used by wireless calls to listen to your private conversations and even obtain personal information.