It's Time For
Smarter WiFi

S&T SmartWifi is our next-generation wifi service that goes far beyond basic home internet.  The newly designed app gives you control over your network and provides 24/7 network security monitoring.

Now included with S&T Home Premiere. It’s time to demand more from your WiFi!

What is SmartWiFi?

From the world’s most powerful WiFi to network security and parental controls, this is as advanced as WiFi gets. Experience fast, consistent service anywhere in your home and control it all. Fully serviced. Fully supported. And now, fully yours.

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S&T SmartWiFI

The Next Generation of Home Wifi Technology


Keep an eye on your network's activity, knowing who and what is slowing you down.


Keep low-priority devices or networks hogs from consuming your bandwidth by prioritizing the most essential devices over all the rest.
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Easy to use, individualized internet content, and screen time controls. You set the rules, we'll enforce them.


Set the rules for sites like YouTube, Tic Tok, Roblox and Minecraft. Manage screen time and monitor websites and apps across all your family’s connected devices. Simple.
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S&T SmartWiFi looks for threats, viruses, intrusions, and malware flowing to your individual devices.


S&T SmartWiFi puts a shield between your devices and bad actors, stopping threats before they ever make it to your device.
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Take home network controls to another level. One app with all the controls you to manage your wifi.


Quickly change your network name and password or set up a separate guest network. All from one app. Simple.
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Premiere WiFi Deserves a Premiere App

Set up

In less than one minute set up your whole system


The freedom to link your home & devices


Get real-time updates on your network security


Parental Controls regulate the web with ease


Create a guest network for family & friends


Manage guest access and network speeds


Know Who's Slowing You Down

Keep low-priority devices or networks hogs from consuming your bandwidth by prioritizing the most essential devices over all the rest.

Create People Profiles

Keep track of your connected devices to ensure they are protected.

Screentime Reports

Monitor the screen time usage for your profiles.

Network Map

Access your organized network map to see what device is connected to your router and mesh devices.

Speed Test

Run reliable speed tests from your device to verify your WiFi signal quality throughout the house.


Create People Profiles

Use profiles to assign devices specific to family members and easily pause the internet or create offline schedules.


Block entire internet categories, apps and websites.

Safe Search

Remove inappropriate and explicit content for users' search results.

Prioritize Traffic by Activity

Keep video calls from dropping or movies from buffering with activity prioritization.

Optimize Bandwidth by Device

Keep low-priority devices or network hogs from consuming your bandwidth by prioritizing the most important devices.


Always On Protection

Sleep easier knowing your SmartWiFi protection is quietly running in the background, 24/7.


Data coming into your network will be scanned for viruses and other malicious content, and you will receive a notification if the content is blocked.

Hands Off Protection

No action is needed when you receive an alert. These threats are automatically blocked from entering your network.

Advanced Intrusion Settings

Intrusion Settings allow you to enable an added layer of protection. Enable both options for ultimate protection.

Trust & Verify

Easily view your security status from the app's dashboard. Additional Details include packets analyzed and the total number of threats detected and blocked.


Easy Setup

Set up your home network in minutes without complicated instructions or confusing websites.

Wifi Passwords

Easily change your WiFi password to keep your network secure.

Manage Your Guests

Add a guest network at any time and keep your main Wi-Fi network and data safe while you have guests over.

Organize Everything & Everyone

Connect your internet things with people and places inside your home. Places are a great way to tailor your wifi devices, connecting them to a specific room.

Take Your Wifi Farther

Extend the reach of your Wi-Fi network by connecting a new mesh device.

Powerful Wi-Fi

With optimized internet enjoy whole home WiFi 6 coverage. Connect over 250+ devices while still enjoying uninterrupted surfing, streaming, and homework.


Enable a guest WiFi network, Set Parental Controls and Secure protection from malware and viruses - all from the S&T SmartWifi App.

Worry Free

From our 100% free installation to our 24/7 support, enjoy stress- free experience fully managed by S&T.

Featuring WiFi 6

The Next Generation of Home Wifi Technology

Designed to eliminate lag, dead spots, and improve overall speeds, WiFi 6 is built for the needs of a modern home.  The new signal technology also increases the battery life of your connected devices by detecting when devices are dormant and are not in need of as much connection.

With Dual-band WiFi 6 (802.11ax), you can experience the most advanced Wifi bandwidth anywhere in your home.

802.11 AC

Router Coverage


Router Coverage

Ready for Better Wifi?

S&T SmartWiFi is now included in all Home Premiere internet plans. Essential Home customers may also add S&T SmartWiFi to their existing plans for only $10/mo.

Call 1-800-432-8294 today to upgrade.