How to
Stream Video

Streaming Video, sometimes referred to as Internet TV, refers to entertainment delivered via the internet rather than a traditional cable tv connection.

What do I need to start streaming?

Choose a Streaming Device

Not all devices are created equal, but all streaming requires an internet-connected device that sends the content to your TV.

Should I Use a Smart TV?
Streaming from your TV may be the most straightforward option, eliminating the need for a separate internet-connected device. There are, however, many disadvantages. TVs typically use cheap, slow computer processors, causing a slower user experience. Many TVs may not be upgradeable and possibly have known security issues.

Common Streaming Devices:

Most popular. Affordable. Offers various devices at different prices.

Best for streaming on a budget. Supports Alexa voice command.

Compatible with Apple products. Superior device technology.

Google Assistant as well as Google service integration.

All-in-one convenience. Built in apps. Less devices needed.

Easy to use and multi-purpose. Many upgrades are available.

Choose a Streaming Service

Subscribing to new streaming channels and services is simple. Once you have your streaming-capable device connected to the internet and have set up an account, you can then navigate to the app menu and select the desired service or channel to preview. Information will include a description of the service and monthly cost. To subscribe, you choose the desired service, agree to subscribe, and follow the service’s instructions.

What are my streaming options?

OnDemand Streaming. Most popular option right now. Subscription services include Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, and more.

Live TV Streaming. Includes Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. Very flexible. Closest to having a cable tv subscription. Prices may be higher than ondemand services.

Free Streaming. No subscriptions are needed. Less variety of different shows, news, and sports channels. Includes Pluto TV, Roku TV, Freevee, Crackle, and Peacock. 

S&T WatchTV Anywhere. S&T Cable customers can access much of the same content from their subscribed cable package. Many streaming apps allow users to log in with their “TV Provider.”  Eligible customers must first register their account at Once registered, you can access many streaming apps without purchasing a separate subscription.

You may subscribe to as many services as you want. Many services allow multiple user profiles, separating recently watched shows and recommendations.


Best Overall Catalog

Included with Amazon Prime

Popular Network Shows

Premiere Shows & Movies

Best for Children

Quality Original Content

Can I Stream My Favorite Sports Team?

Depending on the sport and team, online streaming experiences vary greatly. Choosing a streaming service can be more difficult because sports are meant to be watched live.  This is even more difficult when sporting organizations have regional broadcast agreements. Because of the lucrative TV rights, many streaming platforms do not carry regional sports content. Nationally televised games, however, are often available. 

Services like Paramount+, ESPN+, YouTube TV, and Hulu Live all broadcast live sporting events. Similar to cable and satellite TV, your streaming location may dictate which regional games you are eligible to watch.

What are the benefits of streaming video?

Cost savings. One of the main reasons people switch to TV streaming is to cut costs. Many free streaming channels are available such as Peacock Free, Pluto TV, and Crackle. Netflix is less than $20 per month and is the most popular choice for movies and binge-watching TV. Disney+ is a highly rated service for family-friendly content and is less than $10 per month. Services with a channel lineup similar to traditional TV are also available, including YouTube Live, Hulu Live, and Sling. These services are generally $20/$30 less per month than similar offerings from cable TV providers.

Convenience. Streaming TV lets you enjoy the services or channels you subscribe to in multiple places and on multiple devices. Unlike traditional TV, with most subscription streaming services, you can start a movie on your Smart TV at home, continue watching it on your smartphone while working out at the gym, and then finish it on your tablet out on your patio.

Skip the commercials. Many of the most popular subscription streaming services let you watch your favorite shows whenever you want and are completely commercial-free!

Do I Have Enough Speed?

Why do my videos slow down or buffer?

We recommend a plan with 50Mbps or greater.  Households with high internet usage would benefit from 200Mbps. Fortunately, all S&T broadband plans have the speeds to keep you connected to your favorite shows.  Call 1-800-432-8294 to learn your upgrade options.

Remember that your slow experience may be caused by a poor WiFi signal, the streaming device itself, or possibly a disruption at the source. Try some simple troubleshooting steps listed below.

4 Simple Steps to Faster Internet

  • Run a Speed Test

    Let's start by verifying your internet speed is slow connecting to the world outside of your house's network. Click "Run a Speed Test" to begin.

  • See Your Active WiFi Devices

    Use your S&T SmartWiFi app to view the devices active on your network. Is your network too busy for your current plan? Call us to try a higher speed for free!

  • Check Your Wifi Signal Strength

    Depending on the size and construction of your building, your Wifi signal may not be as strong everywhere. Call us today about a Mesh device to maximize your home wifi.

  • Restart Your Router

    Unplug the back of your router and wait 30 secs before plugging it back in.

Can I Get Service?

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