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Local, Reliable Phone Service


Trust your landline. Don't let a power outage affect your ability to stay connected.


Ensure the 911 operators will see your exact location when someone calls for help.


Trust your landline for less call drops and reliable call reception quality.


Some cellular phones use radio frequencies that can be easily intercepted.

Can I Get Service?

S&T Phone Is Offered in 9 Western Kansas Communities

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Most frequent questions and answers

S&T has the latest technology with buried facilities. Many companies still has aerial facilities which can be greatly affected by weather.

We bring reliable telephone to many rural households. Call 1-800-432-8294 to check your availability.

If your residential voice telephone service is provided using fiber optics, fixed wireless, or by coaxial cable, rather than the traditional twisted pair copper based line, the telephone service requires backup battery power to continue functioning during a power outage. S&T provides battery backups for free. 

Learn more about battery backups here.

Combined with our low $.059 per minutes Long Distance rates, Free Voicemail to eMail, and many other great calling features, we are the leading voice provider for Northwest Kansas.

You bet! S&T is the primary home phone provider for many of our communities and has access to local numbers.

Paper bills can always be deposited in our secure drop boxes at every S&T location.  You can also pay your online at: https://myaccount.sttelcom.com