Your Email has been Upgraded!

As one of our valued subscribers, please be aware that we updated the Former Wheatland Broadband webmail system on June 21. This new system features an easy-to-use interface, improved security, and the ability to securely share email folders with your contacts.

As we move from the old system to the new one please note that:

  • Emails sent to you will not be lost while we move services
  • All of your current webmail will be moved to your new mailbox
  • Contacts, Forwarders & Folders will move over as part of the conversion 


You may now access your WBSNET email using the following portal:


This link is also easily located in the MyS&T menu:

We hope you enjoy using the upgraded Webmail platform. Please call toll-free at 877-565-2048 if you have any questions.