Accessibility Features

S&T is committed to ensuring that all our customers get the most out of their TiVo experience. Your TiVo box features a variety of assistive technologies, including screen reading, closed captioning, and video description, to assist the visually- or hearing-impaired.

Note: Accessibility features are available on supported TiVo boxes running the most recent software. If your TiVo box is provided by us, contact us at 800-432-8294. If you still have questions, TiVo Customer Support can help. Reach us at (877) 367-8486.

Screen reader
When the Screen Reader is turned on, a voice reads aloud the TiVo menu choices displayed on the TV screen.

To turn the screen reader on or off, press and hold the A button on your TiVo remote for at least two seconds. You’ll hear a voice say “Screen reader on” or “Screen reader off.” To adjust the volume of the screen reader, use the VOLUME button on your remote – the vertical oval-shaped button on the left, between the arrow circle and the Pause circle. Or, if it is hard to hear the screen reader because of audio from the video being watched, pause the video by pressing PAUSE – the round button in the center of your remote.

Closed captioning
When Closed Captioning is turned on, the audio portion of a show is displayed as text on the TV screen. To turn Closed Captioning on or off, press and hold the B button on your TiVo remote for at least two seconds. Note: You can also turn Closed Captioning on or off from the Info Banner. Just press the INFO button on your remote control and select the Closed Caption icon.

Video description track
When the video description track is turned on, a voice describes the action taking place on the TV screen during natural pauses in the audio.

Note: Not all shows include a video description track.

To turn the video description track on or off, press and hold the C button on your TiVo remote for at least two seconds. This will change the audio track of the show to the secondary audio track, which is often the Audio Description track. Note: If there are multiple audio tracks, pressing the C button for two seconds will cycle through all available tracks.

This function will not work if any overlays are present (like the Info Banner that appears over the video when you change channels, or the Status bar that appears when you pause, fast forward, or rewind video). If you press and hold C but get no response, try pressing CLEAR – the leftmost button on the bottom row of your remote – to clear any overlays. Then press and hold C again.

For more information
More information is available from the screen-reader enabled TiVo Remote Control Guide and TiVo Viewer’s Guide, which provide full information about using your TiVo remote and box, and the Customer Support Accessibility Essentials page. For more information, or to find out if your device supports accessibility features, you can speak with a TiVo Customer Support agent by calling (877) 367-8486.